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This website is intended specifically for you, so that you can be in touch with the latest information about SMIT products and services.

Your access and use of the website www.sm-it.hr depends on your acceptance of the terms of use of this website indicated below, as well as your behavior in accordance with the conditions of use of these websites indicated below and applicable legal norms. You agree and accept that the company SMIT doo, Andrije Kačića Miošića 12, 43000 Bjelovar will not be responsible for any loss or damage that occurs due to your failure to act in accordance with the conditions of use of these websites indicated below and applicable legal norms.

The conditions of use of written materials, lists of products and services, and materials from the SMIT doo website listed here are rules that all website users must adhere to. Therefore, we ask you to familiarize yourself with them in order to avoid possible misunderstandings and consequences related to them later.

The pages www.sm-it.hr are accessed via the Internet. The Internet is an international computer network that SMIT doo does not directly control, but is only connected to it. For this reason, the availability of services and information that are not directly controlled by SMIT doo cannot be guaranteed. These websites were opened by SMIT doo exclusively for the purpose of information. All information available on the web pages is therefore exclusively informative. Any data or parts of any data available on these pages may not be used for commercial purposes or distributed to third parties without the prior written permission of SMIT doo

Information about certain products and services from these websites is subject to certain restrictions regarding the subjects to whom such information can be made available.

Intellectual property rights

The presentation and content of these pages are considered the intellectual property of SMIT doo and as such are protected by the laws currently in force.

The content of this location is protected by copyright provisions, i.e. industrial and/or intellectual property rights that belong to SMIT doo, or have been assigned to SMIT doo, and are owned by third parties. SMIT doo also owns the copyright to edit, select and harmonize the content of this location.

Drawings, photographs, images, texts, titles, video presentations, with or without sound, and all other documents on the Internet pages are subject to laws on copyright, industrial and/or intellectual property, and as such are the property of SMIT doo or a third party based on valid legal business guarantees SMIT limited use of content.

The reproduction (digital or on paper) of these pages, and the products and services presented on them, is permitted exclusively for strictly personal use, excluding any use for advertising and/or commercial and/or informative purposes, in accordance with legal regulations regarding copyright industrial and/or intellectual property rights that are currently in force.

In addition to the above provisions, any reproduction, presentation, use, partial or complete change of the pages, regardless of the method or support, of the products or services that make them up, without the prior permission of SMIT doo, whether malicious or accidental, is strictly prohibited and constitutes a violation of the terms use of material from the websites in question, which entails criminal and material liability, and SMIT doo will prosecute such perpetrators criminally and materially based on the legal regulations in force.

Partial or complete reproduction of these contents, without the prior written permission of SMIT doo, is strictly prohibited, excluding reproduction made in accordance with the needs of the press.

You hereby simultaneously agree to the prohibition of reproducing, duplicating or distributing the design or background of the SMIT doo website, individual elements of the SMIT doo website, the design of the SMIT doo logo, without the express written permission of SMIT doo

Passwords and access

In the registration process, you choose a user name and password.

You are fully responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your password and username. Furthermore, you are fully responsible for all actions performed under your user name. Remember to disconnect from the Internet after each use of the website.

SMIT doo will not be responsible for any loss or damage that may occur if someone else uses your username or password, with or without your knowledge.

Information about products and services

These pages present the products and services of SMIT doo available in the Adriatic region in a general way. The information that SMIT doo publishes on these websites is considered accurate and reliable at the time of its entry. However, SMIT doo does not guarantee the accuracy, truthfulness or reliability of any data stored on these websites.

The services presented on these web pages refer to SMIT doo. The indicated prices are recommended prices.

SMIT doo reserves the right to update or change data on its website at any time, without prior notice, especially those related to technical characteristics of products and prices, taking into account the interactive nature of the site. SMIT doo is not responsible for such changes.

SMIT doo does not guarantee, either expressly or tacitly, including guarantees regarding merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose, nor do they assume any responsibility for the completeness or usefulness of any of the information, systems, products or processes presented.

The information available on the website should not be considered as a basis for making important personal, financial or business decisions, and in this sense you agree not to hold SMIT doo responsible for failure to meet your expectations in this regard.

Up to the limitations provided by law, SMIT doo will not be liable for any damage or injury (including, but not limited to direct or indirect, accidental, immaterial or material damage, losses or costs) arising as a result of the use or inability to use any of the information available on this website pages.

SMIT doo is at your disposal for all information, especially those related to prices, availability, and the latest changes to products and services. In this sense, we suggest consultation with an appropriate expert who will be able to give you advice specially adapted to your specific situation.

Personal and public data

Please be aware that sending private e-mail messages over the Internet may be insecure and subject to unauthorized access by third parties or misdelivery.

You can visit most sites without providing any information about yourself.

However, sometimes we need data in order to perform the requested services, and therefore the Data Protection Statement contained here explains the way of collecting and using the data used in these situations. The information you will provide us will be considered confidential in accordance with the applicable regulations of the Republic of Croatia, and therefore SMIT doo can only use it in accordance with the legal provisions in force, which concern the confidentiality of data.

Personal data

SMIT doo is obliged to protect the security of your personal data.

Especially when it comes to transparency and the protection of your rights, SMIT doo will not disclose data that could enable your identification to third parties, except in the case that you transfer the information yourself by filling out the forms on the web pages. The personal data that you have given us means that you agree that these data enter the database of SMIT doo, so that they can be used according to the legal regulations that are currently in force, in accordance with the below-mentioned Data Protection Statement, to which you agree by accessing the website.

According to the Personal Data Protection Act (Official Gazette No. 103/03), your personal data collected in this way are of a confidential nature and remain stored in the personal data collection of SMIT doo By entrusting your personal data to SMIT doo on these Internet pages in no way under no circumstances do you waive your rights guaranteed by the Personal Data Protection Act, especially your right to request the correction or deletion of your personal data from our collection if they are incomplete, inaccurate or not up-to-date or their processing is not in accordance with the provisions of this Act (Art. 20 of the aforementioned Act). We undertake that, except for the purpose of a legal investigation, we will not give the information we have received to other parties.

On the basis of a dated and signed written request sent to the address SMIT doo, Andrije Kačića Miošića 12, 43000 Bjelovar, you can exercise the following rights:

Once a year, receive information about whether your personal data has been processed or not;
Update given personal data;
Deny authorization for further storage, processing and processing of your data due to legal or other important reasons related to your personal situation;
Partial or complete commercial use of the data you receive is prohibited without the prior written permission of SMIT doo

Public data

Public data that you can give us, which relate to your wishes, main interests or hobbies, is used to create and propose products and services adapted to your taste.

It is possible that we automatically receive information that is not related to a specific person, such as the type of browser you use, the platform of your computer or the domain name you use to access our site.

Statement on data protection

You agree and accept that your data and the information you provided are intended for the database of SMIT doo, Andrije Kačića Miošića 12, 43000 Bjelovar.

The data and information provided will be stored in the SMIT doo database and will be considered confidential. Employees of the above-mentioned entity and other persons who, due to the nature of the work they perform with the above-mentioned entity or for the above-mentioned entity, have access to confidential data, undertake not to communicate such data to third parties, use it against your interests, or enable third parties to use it .

You agree and accept that the above data and information provided by you will be used exclusively by SMIT doo, for the purpose of processing the market, responding to your inquiries, arranging a possible meeting with you, creating statistical and analytical reports, for the purposes of commercial actions, delivery offers and notices, and that they will not be used for other purposes without your prior written approval.

You agree and accept that the company SMIT doo can publish and use for promotional purposes the results obtained from market processing, statistical, analytical or similar displays, which are presented on the basis of data and information obtained from you. Results published and used for promotional purposes will be displayed collectively/groupwise, without highlighting data and information about you.

Network cookies

When someone visits a site, a cookie appears on the user's computer (if the customer accepts a cookie) or is read if the user has visited the site before.

One of the functions of the network cookie is to help collect statistical data on visits to the pages described above. The data is collected in a common form that is never linked with your personal data.

This technology tells us how many users have visited the main parts (such as links) on our websites. We do not use this technology to access your personally identifiable information. It is a tool that we use to collect common statistical data on the use of the SMIT doo website

You can choose that your browser does not accept network cookies. If you choose this option, you will be able to see the text on the screen, but you will not have a personalized visit, nor will you be able to subscribe to the services available on the site.

You can access the cookie setting menu (in English) at any time and from any page by clicking on the "Cookies" button in the lower right corner of the website.


In order to insert a link to the page www.sm-it.hr, you must have prior written approval from SMIT doo, for which you must contact the web master of the SMIT doo site

SMIT doo does everything in its power to ensure that all redirects from Internet pages direct you to Internet pages whose content is of high quality in the sense that it does not encourage negativity. However, as our link can direct you to any address on the Internet, and since web pages and addresses on the network change quickly, SMIT doo has no control over the pages that appear alongside it and is in no case responsible for their content and /or update, or for content related to those pages.

All parts of the existing pages, including their links, are intended only for you, but SMIT doo cannot always guarantee the content of each address to which it directs you.

In this regard, SMIT doo is not responsible for the legality and accuracy of the content and/or information on the websites of third parties, even in the case that it opened access to third party data through electronic referral:

if he has no knowledge and could not have known about the illegal activity of third parties or the content of the data in this information,
if he has taken all reasonable actions to remove or disable access to such data as soon as he found out that it was an illegal activity or data.

Limitation of liability

The material on these websites is provided "as is" without warranties of any kind, either express or implied.

The user has access to these websites only at his own risk. SMIT doo does not guarantee that these websites will always be available and available and that they will not contain errors or viruses or that the information published on it will be accurate and reliable.

Under no circumstances is SMIT doo responsible for direct or indirect defects, damage or loss, especially for material defects, loss of data or programs or financial defects, which are the result of consultation or use of these pages or pages related to it.

Product information, technical characteristics and prices correspond to the definition at the time of publishing or updating the pages. They are presented only as an indication and cannot be considered as a contractual offer of products or services provided by SMIT doo. Errors or omissions are possible.

Access to products and services presented on our website is subject to restrictions. You must take care whether the laws of the country from which you make contact authorize you to use our websites.

Up to the limitations provided by law, SMIT doo will not be liable for any damage or injury (including, but not limited to, direct or indirect, accidental, immaterial or material damage, losses or costs) arising as a result of the use or inability to use any of the information available on these websites, or anything posted or added to them by other users.

Applicable law

You hereby accept and submit to Croatian substantive law as exclusively applicable to the interpretation, application and legal effects of all permissions, exclusions and conditions of use of these websites. Croatian courts are exclusively competent for all claims and disputes that arise as a result of the use of the websites in question or in connection with them.

SMIT doo does not guarantee that the materials contained on the web pages in question are appropriate or user accessible in certain locations, that is, it is not responsible for accessing them from the territory of the country where their content is prohibited by law.

It will be considered that the access to the websites from the mentioned locations is undertaken arbitrarily with the responsibility of the user according to the applicable law.

Update of general conditions

SMIT doo reserves the right to update or change the terms of use at any time without prior notice. The latest version of the general conditions of use can be viewed by clicking on the link "Terms of use of the site" located at the bottom of the website.

Information related to the trading company

SMIT doo limited liability company for IT, trade and services

Address : Andrije Kačića Miošića 12, 43000 Bjelovar, Croatia

Decision of the Commercial Court in Bjelovar, May 28, 2013.
Basic capital HRK 20,000.00, paid in full
MBS : 010087089

OIB : 56770551293
VAT : HR56770551293
MB : 04045955
VAT ID : HR56770551293
IBAN : HR6324840081106547085

Competent court : Commercial court in Bjelovar
Founders/members of the company : Mario Sić, sole founder;
Business bank : Raiffeisenbank Austria dd, Magazinska cesta 69, Zagreb

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